Security Night presented By MCCCA

Links to PC Magazines Best Home Security Systems and Home Security Cameras
Wireless Security Cameras website,2817,2475954,00.asp
Wireless alarm systems and cameras discussion-MCCA meeting 11/08/18 
Presented by Bill [email protected]
Order of precedence for security measures for your home
Generally speaking
There are mitigating factors which will impact the order of precedence, including package security,
vandalism, etc.
Wireless Alarm Systems
Website for top security systems,2817,2498510,00.asp. This is just
for comparison, it is not a definitive list! Use as a sample guideline only!
Key considerations
-Ease of installation
-Ease of use
-e.g. Doorbell Cameras
-Do you want system monitored?
-Interoperability with cameras and other systems
-Service/repair issues / Google and other reviews can be very helpful
Wireless Cameras
Website for top security systems,2817,2475954,00.asp. This is just
for comparison, it is not a definitive list! Use as a sample guideline only!
Key Considerations-Same as alarms, plus;
-Bandwidth and range constraints of existing Wi-Fi service
-Care in selection of camera characteristics
-Low light capabilities
-Low light LED capabilities
-Picture density / megapixels, usually from 2 to 8, the
-Lensing capabilities, for wide range or a more narrow range
-Environmental suitability to desired locations
-Power cabling to cameras-wireless doesn’t usually account cabling for power!
-Storage of video, in cloud or other
-Know what you want and need specifically from any camera you consider, and shape your
camera decisions around the likelihood of success to that end.
We will be working with the Club to do demos of a few cameras in the near future, and will be
happy to share the results of those demo efforts, however, what is right for the Club may not be right
for you.
Click on link below for PowerPoint on Lighting for Security & Landscape presented by Gordon Anson