What is Manor Connections?

At Manor Connections, we are committed to helping neighbors in need. We offer several kinds of assistance – the kinds of help a neighbor might offer – to seniors who live in the Manor Park and Manor Village neighborhoods. These services are provided by volunteers who have been interviewed, oriented, and undergone a background check. They are a great group and you’ll enjoy getting to know them!

Our Mission: To help seniors stay in their homes and remain active in our community for as long as possible.  Our volunteers will connect seniors to caring services that make it easy to get rides to appointments, expand their contact with others, and receive assistance with some of the complexities in their lives.

Manor Connections is part of the  Village to Village Network , whose aim is to exchange information and experience related to these types of communities. We are modeled after Beacon Hill Village in Boston, which was founded in 2001.  There are now over 50 villages in Montgomery County with a full-time county employee dedicated to assisting in the launch of new initiatives.  There are currently over 205 nationwide, over 150 in the planning stages, and the numbers are constantly growing. Each village is unique to its area and resources.

Villages focus on building social connections. They organize events, large and small, that are of interest to their community. Villages may organize book clubs, walking groups, knitting clubs, guest speaker events, group outings, and so much more. Many Village events can take place at a neighbor’s home; others can take place at a local church, synagogue, mosque, library or community recreation center. Villages often partner and connect with other local organizations and develop programs together.

Please check out the website for Montgomery County Villages to get more information and to find out the location and contact info for Villages around Montgomery County, Maryland.

Next Steps...

If you would like help from Manor Connections, please call us at (240) 408-5507. If no one is available to take your call, leave a voicemail with your phone number and we'll get back to you shortly. You can also email us at [email protected].